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Fostering a climate of recovery and social inclusion
Facilitating user involvement in mental health service development and provision.
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HSE Cork ISA Integrated Service Area for mental health
Cork North, North Lee, South Lee and West Cork are the HSE's local
mental health services working together to serve the population of County Cork, Ireland

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Official Irish launch at this year's conference

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Recovery News
Making Recovery a Reality in Forensic Settings (ImROC briefing No 10)
“recovery for people in forensic services is in most ways the same as for those using
other mental health services. Hope for the future, control over your life and illness, and
opportunity for a life beyond illness are key for both. But people with offending histories
also have to come to terms with what they have done. Forensic services can help them to
recover by supporting them to ‘come to terms with themselves’.”

Don't miss the Irish ESRI's significant new report on mental health and social inclusion:
Understanding Emotional, Psychological and Mental Health (EPMH) Disability in Ireland:
Factors Facilitating Social Inclusion

"Lives less known"
Resilience and inclusion in mental health

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...and here are some inspiring personal stories of Irish people in recovery:

A Cork farmer diagnosed with bi-polar, a student recovering from depression ...and a mother turning her life around after many years of struggling with eating disorders.

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